Turbulent Games

From the creation of intergalactic solar systems to the design of fascinating characters and urban expanses in Star Citizen's universe, Turbulent Games is a crafter of creativity and innovation.

World building

Taking stellar adventures to an unprecedented level

Space Clinics


Supporting healing and respawn gameplay features

Players can now enjoy the healing and respawn functionalities at one of the many rest stops scattered throughout Stanton. We also developed more space clinic variations to give a "new" feel every time players respawn at a different rest stop.
  • orison_lobby_keyart_v001
    Orison Hospital - Orison Hospital and New Babbage Hospital were the first hospital mandates shipped by the Montreal team.
  • SpaceClinics_medroom
    Space Clinics MedRoom - One of the MedRooms available to players looking to respawn and treat their injuries in the various rest stops.
  • 007_New_Babbage_Hospital_Lobby_Keyart_prez_b
    The lobby of New Babbage Hospital. Upper floors are where players can go to treat their injuries and also respawn. Getting killed has never been so comfortable!
  • GrimHex_medroom
    GrimHex MedRoom - One of the available medical rooms in the GrimHex facility. Not the most sanitized environment, but beggars can’t be choosers!
GrimHex Clinic - The verse’s outlaws got their own version of high-quality healthcare at the GrimHex landing zone. This surgeon facility will allow players with a dubious reputation to respawn in a “safe” environment among their peers!
Lorville Hospital: Maria Pure of Heart - The austere presence of the Hurston family can be felt throughout this vast hospital located in the Lorville landing zone. The Montreal team has been working tirelessly for a whopping 6 months to get this colossal medical facility up and running.
  • MPoH_medroom
    Maria Pure of Heart MedRoom - One of the medical rooms located in the upper wards of Lorville Hospital, where players can respawn after death and treat their injuries.
  • MPoH_concept
    Maria Pure of Heart Concept - An early concept for the Lorville Hospital lobby area.
  • Area18_reception
    Area 18 Hospital - This hospital location offers similar gameplay loops to previous released locations: the ability to respawn, treat injuries, purchase life insurance and more. Its distinctive palette and architecture fit right in with Area 18 LZ.
  • Area18_upperwards
    Area 18 Hospital Wards - The upper floor of the Empire Health Service medical facility, complete with a nurses' station and wards with multiple medical rooms ready to welcome patients.

Derelict spaceships

Discovering worlds through crash site adventures

  • Derelicts_concept
    This early concept art of a derelict spaceship used as a centerpiece for makeshift settlements offers a great starting point for introducing more complex gameplay elements on planet surfaces.

Character art

Conceptualizing a variety of characters with an interplanetary scope

  • Characters-red
    Invent creatures and factions.
  • Character01
    Imagine a universe.
  • Sand_nomad_02_desktop_1920x1080
    Create real-time characters.
  • capture
    Make multiple customizations.


Building the game verse one brand at a time

  • Aegis
    Our annual blockbuster event: The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo.
  • Mobiglas
    Microtech making an impression on New Babbage.
  • Drake
    Drake always makes a statement at its DefenseCon event.
  • Greencircle
    Welcome to the habitats of Orison, the Greencircle.


Tech artists and tools programmers innovate to take game development to the next level

The Mighty Bridge Tool

Using procedural generation to serve the Persistent Universe

  • Space stations generated through Mighty Bridge, which uses Houdini and modules to create layouts, gameplay elements, overlays and more!
  • The Houdini simulation tool allows for the automation of a ship's destruction. The process is used to create crash sites in-game.
  • Clothe
    Clothes - Generate a tarp according to the topography of the elements.
  • Cables
    Cables - Easily create placement cables in level structures.
  • Line
    Railclone - Quickly place objects along a line.
  • Stacker
    Stacker - Automatic placement for objects that can be stacked on top of one another.

An Editor in Continuous Improvement

Enhancing game development with evolving tools and experiences

Fixing usability issues, adding new features and providing support for all our development experts so they can create and maintain game content more efficiently while enjoying their job!

Online services

Building the backbone of the Star Citizen universe

Server meshing

Joining forces with other core technology teams to put together the tech for massive space battles

Distributed services for multiplayer game features

Providing the heart of Star Citizen experience

  • VoIP/FoIP: Face over IP, which aims to provide unparalleled immersion, allows players to synchronize face movements with their avatar via webcam.
  • Reputation: What you do matters. The interactions players have with other entities in the game affect their reputation.


Turbulent developers lay down the ban hammer with Epic's Easy Anti-cheat. Defend the player experience!


Live Tools

We translate the core backbone into user friendly Tools that help make better game experiences


Discover an Hexcellent tool, dedicated to the player’s Hexperience!

  • image (2)
    From large amounts of data, Hex's Network operation center enables surgically finding the detail you're looking for.
  • image (3)
    Split your screen in up to 3 panes to be able to visualize a maximum of data at the same time and make comparisons
  • image (3)
    Players' inventories, ledgers, reputations and much more Hexciting features!
  • HEX
    Explore Star Citizen's underlying tool galaxy

Improbable impact

Unprecedant growth

Since its creation in 2020, Turbulent Games has grown to become a solid team with more than 45 experts.

Extraordinary achievements

The team has already shipped 4 major Star Citizen patches and integrated Houdini into the editor, drastically changing the game development experience in the process.

Exciting gameplay features added

To date, 5 major hospitals, 12 clinics and 12 planetside crashsites have been released to players.