Roberts Space Industries

From relative obscurity to a worldwide movement, we’ve been right there with RSI since the beginning.

Immersive brand connection

Engaging audiences and generating game development revenue

Starmap & Galactapedia

Discovering the world of Star Citizen

  • The Starmap is an in-browser 3D representation of the 91 star systems from the Star Citizen universe.
  • SC_01_Starmap_3_#2F597C
    It's an open resource available to players and the game designers.
  • SC_01_Starmap_4_#2F597C
    Players can discover 900+ moons, planets and stations and jump points to map their journey through the universe.
  • SC_01_Starmap_5_#2F597C
    Information about population, crime and resources evolve with game design.
  • SC_01_Starmap_6_#2F597C
    Each type of star is based on real science: system sizes, habitable zones, etc.
  • SC_01_Starmap_7_#2F597C
    The Starmap shows how massive the Star Citizen is intended to be!
Galactapedia is a continuously evolving collection of hundreds of articles written by the game storytelling team.

Experiential campaigns

Discovering the world of Star Citizen

  • The Ship promotion pages are designed based on in-game ship's manufacturer branding guidelines, using 3D animations to highlight best ship features.
  • SC_02_Sales_02_#515763
    The player can find in-depth information like ship specs, displayed in playful and interactive modules.
  • SC_02_Sales_03_#515763
    The ship customizer will let players express themselves through personal touches on their own ship.
  • SC_02_Sales_04_#515763
    The 140+ Star Citizen ships are made like real ones. Every detail counts to invest in a new spacecraft.
  • SC_02_Sales_05_#515763
    Players can detail each side of their favorite ship using the 360° view module.
Ships are not only specs, it’s a story. We design our sales pages keeping storytelling in mind to tie in game experience.
Custom mini-games are created to add depth to the user experience and highlight the ship's unique features.


Enhancing game performance.

Players can compare their computer system specifications with the global community, allowing them to improve their game performance from release to release.

Community tools

Leveraging the community to build deeper connection and improve game quality


Connecting fans with each other and with the game

  • SC_08_Spectrum_1_#36557B
    RSI's Spectrum connects fans with each-other, the CIG developers, and the community team.
  • SC_08_Spectrum_2_#36557B
    The guide system connects beginner players with helpful veterans during 1on1 tutorial sessions.
  • SC_08_Spectrum_3_#36557B
    Players can chat in public and private forums and interact with the Star Citizen developers and designers.
  • SC_08_Spectrum_4_#36557B
    A live chat is also available, allowing players to reach each other through the web application, and soon directly in the game.


Improving the game through feedback and engagement

PleaseFix is a community-driven tool that allows users to report on issues they encounter during gameplay so they can help improve game development.

Gamified transaction tools

Crowdfunding project development through immersive experiences


Referral program

Empowering the community to self-propagate

The referral program grows the game community. By referring friends, the player gains rewards.

Concierge program

Supporting, rewarding and engaging avid fans

With the Concierge status, backers get access to an exclusive portal with premium benefits like having access to a personal concierge from the RSI staff.

Community subscription program

Activating subscribers with exclusive content, products and perks

Subscribers receive monthly benefits, and help the team to create new community content, like high-quality shows on the Star Citizen YouTube page.

Improbable impact

A universe of users

With upwards of 3.5 million players, the world of Star Citizen is an ever-expanding feat of audience engagement.

Crowdfunding world record

Continuous sales growth has been propelled since 2012. $275 million in crowdfunding earns Star Citizen’s place as the 3rd highest crowdfunded project of all time.

Power of the community

Fueled by their mutual passion, users have given nearly 14,000 counts of bug collection to drive the game’s continuous evolution.
% of first time purchases uses a referral code

Remarkable media reception

“Shared passion between players and creators has maintained engagement through seven years of active development with no end in sight.” – Newsweek
“Star Citizen shows no signs of slowing down” - Polygon

An award-winning product

2016 Adobe Cutting Edge - Project of the year (Starmap)
2018 Numix Award for Communications Corporatives et Marketing Contenus Engagés (Welcome to Star Citizen)

  • An award-winning product
  • An award-winning product
  • An award-winning product
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