Les éditions CEC

From paper to full digital transformation and beyond, CEC has always stayed ahead of the curve. A leading educational publisher in French Canada and a subsidiary of Quebecor, we’ve been working with CEC for over 11 years.

Content distribution platform

Creating deeper experiences between teachers and students through intuitive features.

Les Éditions CEC launched the new myCECZone platform, crafted by Turbulent for the start of the new school year, in 2019.

Content bookshelf

Making navigation accessible for day-to-day learning

  • The friendly, intuitive bookshelf navigation allows the user to easily find content.

Interactive maps

Enabling a visual learning experience

  • In the interactive map feature, display options and animated sequences keep students engaged while learning.

Engaging exercises

Activating student participation

  • cec-s1
    Adapted display options give younger students access to a more playful interface.
  • Engaging exercises – 02
    Student effort is rewarded with positive feedback.
  • Engaging exercises – 03
    Students can track their progress as they learn.
  • cec-s2-2
    The interactive exercise interface for primary school students reacts to the student's actions, catching their interest and supporting their efforts.

Communication and class management tools

Allowing teachers to add notes and correct student work and exams

Whether correcting school work or monitoring student progress, teachers have access to easy-to-use tools for reviewing, correcting and adding notes.

Content crafter tools

Reducing the cost of creating digital content

Interactive scenario editor for collection & book publisher

Empowering content creators to publish on all devices

  • Integrators can build activities by selecting content from specialized tools available in the interactive editor interface.
  • Interactive scenario-1
    A large choice of features allows users to create interactive content for all types of material.
  • Interactive scenario-2
    Integrators have access to an editable media library which gives them limitless possibilities for content creation.
  • Interactive scenario-3
    Each tool comes with a wealth of options to give integrators more freedom to create.
  • Interactive scenario-5
    The interactive content editor offers plenty of possibilities, let your imagination run wild!
Tableau blanc Pagination 01

Teacher editor tools

Allowing teachers to adjust and develop activities according to their teaching plan

Teacher tools are an adaptation of the tools made for Les Éditions CEC integrators employees. They allow teachers to create custom content to complete their teaching program.
Tableau blanc Pagination 02
Teachers have access to a large choice of specialized tools for creating interactive content.

Content editor tools

Lowering the cost of creating content and exercises at large volumes

  • Content editor tools – 03
    Other specialized interfaces are available so the integration team can choose the best option for their educational goals (here is the interactive map and document editor interface)
  • Content editor tools – 02
    They also get access to a timeline editor interface.
  • Content editor tools – 01
    Karaoke tools allows creation of interactive content for learning to read and write.
With myCECZone, students and teachers can wield the full potential of the interactive tools set up by the integration team. The only limit is their imagination!

Business tools

Simplifying sales and improving client satisfaction

Bulk License manager

Bulk License manager

Empowering schools to manage their own digital library

An intuitive tool to quickly consult and manage huge digital libraries.

Exam system and reporting tools

Validating student progress with the exam system

myCECZone allows users to review student progress through an exam system with reporting functionality.
exam-system-and reporting-tools

Book code management

Simplifying assignment and management of printed book codes

The printed code management tool allows users to easily manage personal codes for accessing digital content.

Improbable impact

A must in Canada

myCECZone has become an essential influence for choosing a school editor and providing teaching materials in schools and educational establishments. Today, CEC is an important digital player in the Canadian market.

79% teachers satisfaction

Teachers expressed a positive view of the project (based on 2019 satisfaction survey)

Thousands of interactive content entries created

More than 1,600 books and 85,000 interactive exercises have been developed for the platform with an excellent return on investment.