Ma Zone CEC

In a collaborative effort with Les Éditions CEC, a leader in the field of scholastic publishing, Turbulent designed and developed Ma Zone CEC, a digital educational tool in the form of a web platform dedicated to dynamic teaching and learning. 

In Ma Zone CEC, teachers and learners have access to all CEC digital materials, including textbooks used in class as well as readers, workbooks, and reference works. 

The web platform offers all sorts of tools that are simple to use, giving teachers the ability to customize content as well as their own teaching. Ma Zone CEC also offers learners textbooks in an interactive digital format for hands-on and entertaining learning. 

Teachers also have access to self-corrected interactive exercises, which they can share with their students. Teachers can propose quizzes, make annotations, and customize their teaching. What’s more, some collections offer teachers a wide range of complementary content on the topic being taught. 

Featuring a simple, user-friendly interface, Ma Zone CEC is a supplementary tool that is accessible both in class and at home. 

Ma Zone CEC offers a stimulating digital environment that lets both learners and teachers acquire knowledge and know-how in a playful and dynamic way.